Three years ago I had the honor of photographing my very first birth story. It changed my life forever. As a woman who has struggled with infertility for four years, birth photography became a healing experience for me. Many of the families I get to follow along this journey have similar stories to mine. Photographing your birth to me is so much more than just capturing a photo in time. It’s telling your story! Every story is different and important, that is why I make it my priority to capture the whole experience for you. From the first positive pregnancy test to the day you birth your sweet baby into this world. 

NYC Birth Photographer

" Then one day, when you least expect it,
the great adventure finds you"
-ewan mcgregor

NJ birth photographer

My why!

That moment when your partner is helping you breathe through every contraction. The sound of your babys first cry. that moment you lock eyes with your partner, and they whispers you did it baby. and you respond, no we did it. 

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