Hey photographer, Valerie here Topeka Kansas Maternity Photographer. Do you ever feel like you’re about 15 minutes deep into a session, and then suddenly you blank? You can’t remember any prompts and you feel lost. I can so relate friends, this is why today I am sharing my favorite 3 prompts for you to use at your upcoming maternity session. I absolutely love these prompts because they include all members of the family and just capture beautiful details.

1. Parents face away from the camera and hold your littles in their arms as they look at the camera. Mom, hold out the ultrasound-facing camera. (Dad says a funny joke to get the kiddos to smile and laugh)

2. Dad holds mom’s hand, mom holds your kiddo’s hand, and line everyone up from oldest to youngest. The youngest siblings hold the ultrasound-facing camera. Dad leads us all walking as we walk away from the camera.

3. Kiddos whisper a funny joke to your baby in mommy’s belly.


Add the following 3 prompts to your upcoming maternity session to deliver a memorable gallery

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