Hey friend, if you’re here it is probably because you are where I was two years ago. I am here to show you 3 easy tips that you may not have realized ties into SEO and websites. So buckle up and grab your favorite pen and some paper because you are gonna want to take notes on this.

  1. Are You Search Engine Optimism To Their Fullest Potential: Did you know that there are so many rescourses within google that allow you to track the use of keywords and engagement on your website. Are you currently using all your free recourses to good use? Here are a few resources you may want to start using google keyword finder and google analytics.
  2. Where is your traffic coming from: When you track your traffic to your website you want to see where your traffic/engagement is coming from. Meaning is it direct, social, or organic. These three pillars will help you identify where you are making the most impact. Organic search means that your website was found through a search engine. Which means someone found your website through your keywords that helped your rank on google.
  3. Google Analytics: You are probably wondering how in the world do I track my traffic. Google analytics is a free platform powered by google that allows us to be able to track and view how someone lands on your page(organic, direct, or social). And they also allows you to see where you are losing your clients on your website.

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3 Tips To Help Improve Your SEO:

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