We all know that preparing for your maternity shoot can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. This is why I created an exclusive Maternity style guide for my clients and I will be sharing it with yall today. Please be advised that this style guide is to reflect Valerie Clark Photography style of shooting, editing, and location.

  1. When booking your photographer always ask if they have a client closet. I offer my clients a wide variety of twelve maternity dresses they can choose from. This is important to ask because if they have a client closet available that is one thing you can check off your list. If not I highly recommend looking on pinkblush maternity, amazon, and etsy.
  2. Dad/Partner can either wear khaki pants and a white shirt or dress in blue pants and a white shirt to match mom’s dress. I always recommend these two different outfit choices because it’s easier for them to dress around mom’s dress choice.
  3. For beach, high grass woods, and greenery locations, the photographer recommends nude/neutral or white maternity dress to reflect editing style.
  4. Some amazing locations I recommend: Skywood Park, Delaware Water Gap, and Tobyhanna State Park.
  5. Hair Style: Beach waves, Curly, Straight, or updos.

I hope this helps you a little more when styling your/planning your maternity session.


Free Maternity Style Guide

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