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Stroudsburg Birth Photographer

“Nine months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime”. That has got to be one of my favorite quotes when it comes to describing birth and postpartum.

There is something about ever birth that is so unique, raw, and empowering. Today I am sharing the birth of Rylee Mae.

When Amber first called me that her water had broken, I knew I had to leave my home immediately. Her past labors had always been quick. So we did not want to risk me missing the birth of Rylee. When I arrived Amber was in the birth tub with her two other daughters. And he looked at me and said “yes, you made it”. Having this moment documented was so important to her. And I was so blessed to be apart of her birth space.

Within a few minutes of my arrival, her contractions started to increase. And within seconds she was in transition to meet her sweet baby girl. Amber kept reminding herself that she was strong, powerful and that her body was made for this. And before we knew it Rylee was ready to be born.

Stroudsburg Birth Photographer
Stroudsburg Birth Photographer

From the first contraction to your babies first, cry. Don’t let a moment go undocumented.

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